Change is Good

so I am thinking I am up for a change so no more of this blog....but I will be over here instead.....don't hate the name I picked it years ago then never used it but I figure why not I will be posting here



We took a little trip, a week away to relax and reconnect. I got to thinking about a lot of things...when my eyes shot open at 5:30a the first day you can imagine I did a lot of thinking about mornings....
I am beginning to realize why they say, "early to rise". In the early morning the mood has yet to be set.

No one has laughed, or cried, no horns have been honked, or words have been spoken. The emotions have yet to be determined. When you wake up early, you decide your "weather".

Kitchen Fix

Old houses= bad kitchens. This was our quick inexpensive organizational trick.


Before: After:

If you give a wife a turquoise table...

....she'll want to rearrange the living room and when she rearranges the living room she will realize her kitchen wall is really sad and do this...

Turquoise table? Yes please

Dear Homegoods,

Thank you for having this lovely table on your shelves Thursday afternoon, it inspired a living room rearrangement.


p.s. don't worry, you will grow on Nate :)

Now you may be asking what is the bit of wonder that gets to sit aloft the new table....this:

*beach glass, shells, old keys, a bedazzled frog, and this bamboo candle*


Dear Pillows, I know Nathan hates you and thinks you are a complete waste but I think you are essential (at least in the guest room).

  • Sequin pillows: Anke Drechsel, Paris 2001

  • Cream Flower: Pottery Barn, Tysons Corner 2010

  • Pink Silk (2): Gift

  • White w/green flower: Homegoods 2011

On life and marriage....

A friend in a for a quick visit just asked what I thought about marriage...... I think marriage is difficult, the most important things in life usually are (family, patience, love), I think getting married when you are "older" is even more so. I think that real life, full on personality, and your identity, don't fully emerge until well after college. Junior high, high school, those first days as a freshman, you are finding out what works for you and what doesn't. As time goes on you discover what makes you tick, what speeds make you the happiest (and I am not talking about while driving!). You swore you would never do/act like what your parents/friends/teacher did and then without real effort you find yourself taking on qualities you saw in you past and they aren't so bad. You refine these things and make them yours, your version 2.0. You take what you have learned in church or home and keep close what is most important to you. You don't become expert in all areas but in some (service/patience/kindness/honesty/generosity/charity things like that) you excel and in them you find solace. You develop a pattern for living, and every day now has a quote un-quote normal ebb and flow. You tuck your bad habits away, and start eating your broccoli. Enter Man/Woman. Enter an entirely new tide. As with water, any time two large bodies meet there are rapids, current conflicts. The more time you spend developing your identity alone the bigger the rapids. Two speeds, two patterns, two routines, two identities now have to remain unique whilst also creating a new identity as an "us" verses an I/me. [This is sometimes avoided when you getting married younger because you develop more together than you did alone]. Rapids aren't bad, they are part of this wonderful experience and if smart, you will hold on and get down in your raft when you come upon them. Sometimes you need to paddle through them and sometimes you need to stop paddling and let the moment take you to smooth water. If you fight it or over think it you will be suddenly frantic, dumped from your boat, chugging water, getting scratched by rocks, and full of fear. I prefer the raft though I have tested option b plenty! I am a feisty sucker. I can't say that I am wise, but I can say at times I am smart enough to learn from my mistakes and allow them to help me move forward not dwell in the past.